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[audio]Green Reality VS Ozzie Zehner - Alex Smith
Green tech investor Dan Miller, and host Alex Smith answer Ozzie Zehner's claims that green energy is an "illusion". Ecoshock 150107
Keywords: environment; ecology; energy; alternative; solar; wind
Downloads: 3
[audio]"Green Illusions" - Ozzie Zehner - Alex Smith
Are we suffering from illusions about alternative energy?  Is the whole "green energy" game just an extention of the fossil fuel industry, dressed up in green clothing? Authors at Google Speech by Ozzie Zehner, author of "Green Illusions"   Radio Ecoshock 141231
Keywords: environment; ecology; alternative; energy; solar; wind; electric; cars; climate; climate change; global warming; radio; Ecoshock
Downloads: 8
[audio]We Can't All Go Back to the Land - Alex Smith
A journey to the "Ecoreality" post-peak-oil community, with UBC Campus Radio. Plus rap star Baba Brinkman's new album "The Rap Guide to Wilderness". Radio Ecoshock 141224
Keywords: environment; science; ecology; community; media; music; peak oil; energy; radio; Ecoshock
Downloads: 9
[audio]Storms of Right Now - Alex Smith
Sandy, climate & coming superstorms: Kathryn Miles & Dr. Adam Sobel. Plus new science says our carbon hits in 10 years, not a generation later.  Dr. Katharine Ricke. Radio Ecoshock 141217
Keywords: ecology; environment; science; weather; storms; hurricanes; Sandy; climate; change; global; warming; carbon
Downloads: 8
[audio]Eco-Horror - Alex Smith
UK "eco-horror" novelist Joseph D'Lacey living after the Apocalypse. Stanford's Dr. Mary Kang: oil & gas pipes leak methane after shutdown. Scientist Michael Mann's take on "The Newsroom" climate doom. Radio Ecoshock 141210
Keywords: environment; ecology; media; fiction; climate; climate change; global warming; collapse; energy; oil; gas; methane; radio; Ecoshock
Downloads: 16
[audio]Running Out of Future - Alex Smith
Super scientist Kevin Trenberth on why oceans now hottest in recorded history, why that can make Europe colder. Stephen Leahy: we bankrupt water supplies with consumer purchases. Rob Aldrich on a generation with Nature Deficit Disorder.  Radio Ecoshock 141203
Keywords: environment; ecology; science; weather; climate; climate change; global; warming; water; health
Downloads: 10
[audio]The Anthropocene and Techno-Utopia - Alex Smith
From Berlin, top enviro journalist Christian Schwagerl on his controversial new book "The Anthropocene: The Human Era and How It Shapes Our Planet". Then two eco-feminists, Charlene Spratnak and Susan Griffin on "Techno-Utopianism and the Fate of The Earth". Radio Ecoshock 141126
Keywords: environment; ecology; radio; climate
Downloads: 12
[audio]Healing Green Despair? - Alex Smith
A new green biography of eco-billionaire Ted Turner, with author Todd Wilkinson. Kathleen Dean Moore offers a medicine for green despair. Writer and owl biologist Tim Fox sees humans as the unstoppable flood. Radio Ecoshock 141119
Keywords: environment; ecology; climate; species; radio
Downloads: 14
[audio]Stolen Future Broken Present - Alex Smith
David Collings, book our "Stolen Future and Broken Present".  From Sweden, forest expert Martin Persson says tropical deforestation is still stripping the planet - for us, for consumers in rich countries.  Finnish intellectual Olli Tammilehto asks can we can survive a system which rewards the rich with a license to commit ecocide? Radio Ecoshock 141112
Keywords: environment; ecology; climate; science
Downloads: 14
[audio]The World of Radical Facts - Alex Smith
Super-scientist Mark Jacobson from Stanford explains soot-causing warming + a way to run the world on clean energy by 2030.  We visit an Ultra-Mega coal power plant in India. Manzoor Qadir on the farm soil loss larger than France since 1990.  Radio Ecoshock 141105
Keywords: environment; ecology; radio; Ecoshock; global warming; climate change; climate; alternative; energy; solutions; coal; India; agriculture; irrigation
Downloads: 28
[audio]Avoiding the Worst: Fukushima's Plume & America's Most Dangerous Reactor - Alex Smith
Nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen: Fukushima continues to irradiate the Pacific.  Plume reaching West Coast. Where is next American Fukushima? Diablo Canyon in California? Then Naomi Klein's new vision "This Changes Everything".
Keywords: environment; ecology; radio; Ecoshock; nuclear; reactor; safety; Fukushima; Japan; accidents; California; radiation; risk
Downloads: 19
[audio]Talk in Twisted Times - Alex Smith
Deep thinker Frank Rotering introduces his desperate new strategy to split the rich and plunge the world economy into steep contraction.  Then Gail Zawacki savages what's left, while she campaigns against the unknown threat of ozone smog.  It's a panorama of inner conversations in twisted times. Radio Ecoshock 141022
Keywords: environment; ecology; economy; climate change; global warming; forests; ozone; air; pollution
Downloads: 13
[audio]Future Past - Alex Smith
Bojana Bajzelj of Cambridge finds raising food for 9 billion will take all our carbon emissions. Benjamin Blonder tells us how the current plant world was shaped by the last big meteorite hit. Eelco Rohling: sea level rose 5 meters (16 ft) in the last big warming melt. Radio Ecoshock 141015
Keywords: environment; science; ecology; climate; climate change; glaciers; melting; meteorites; space; sea level; rising; seas; radio; Ecoshock
Downloads: 18
[audio]Hot News from an Overheated Planet - Alex Smith
52% of wildlife lost since 1970. Cost of climate change forum with Treasury Secretaries Robert Rubin and Jack Lew. Update on climate march and results. Plus climate poetry and new song by Neil Young. Radio Ecoshock 141008 
Keywords: environment; science; climate; climate change; global warming; wildlife; finance; protest; news; music
Downloads: 13
[audio]Why Lie to Ourselves About Methane? - Alex Smith
Top scientists plead with US government to stop minimizing methane with out-dated measurement, with Mickey Moritz. Mark Shapiro on his new book "Carbon Shock". Andrew Beath on a new creation story - based on reality.Radio Ecoshock 140924 
Keywords: environment; ecology; climate; climate change; global warming; science; radio; Ecoshock; methane; carbon
Downloads: 13
[audio]Is Global Collapse Imminent? - Alex Smith
"Limits to Growth" re-emerges in new paper "Is Global Collapse Immanent" by Australian academic Graham M. Turner. Linda Doman from US Energy Information Administration tells us the world will burn 30% more oil and gas in 2040. Marc_Andre Parisien from the Canadian Forest Service tells us about record mega-fires in the Canadian far north.  Radio Ecoshock 140924
Keywords: environment; ecology; climate; climate change; global warming; science; economy; crash; collapse; energy; oil; forests; fires; Arctic
Downloads: 15
[audio]Human Extinction? Not So Much - Alex Smith
The case against going extinct soon due to extreme climate change & human impacts. Science journalist Scott K. Johnson and counter-culture podcaster KMO.  Radio Ecoshock 140917
Keywords: environment; ecology; climate; climate change; global warming; extinction; species; risk; science
Downloads: 12
[audio]Near-term Human Extinction: Making the Case - Alex Smith
Retired ecology Professor Guy McPherson says extreme climate change will wipe out humans before 2050.  Psychologist Carolyn Baker says grieve now for lost future. Environmental Horticulturist Kim Eierman on eco-beneficial home planting. Radio Ecoshock 140910
Keywords: environment; ecology; science; climate; climate change; global warming; extinction; psychology
Downloads: 28
[audio]High Arctic = Eco-Anxiety - Alex Smith
Disturbing climate news from high Arctic with Paul Beckwith. Handling eco-anxiety with Susie Burke of Australian Psychological Society. Radio Ecoshock 140903 kicks off new fall season.
Keywords: environment; ecology; climate; climate change; global warming; science; Arctic; methane; carbon; psychology; mental; health
Downloads: 15
[audio]The Big Picture, Like It or Not - Alex Smith
 In "best of" Radio Ecoshock interviews, Dr. Tim Garrett says civilization must collapse to avert devastating climate change. Dr. Peter Ward says Nature may not have friendly plans for us. Radio Ecoshock 140716
Keywords: climate; climate change; environment; ecology; global warming; science; collapse; impacts; extinction; radio; Ecoshock
Downloads: 28
[audio]Crashing Climate News - Alex Smith
Plutocrats admit U.S. economy is "Risky Business" during climate change.  Will not be safe to go outside. Cambridge Polar expert Peter Wadhams on Arctic methane burst. New climate song "Too Hot". Radio Ecoshock 140709
Keywords: environment; ecology; climate; climate change; global warming; science; health; deaths; business; economy; impacts
Downloads: 907
[audio]Climate Bust Out - Alex Smith
What America believes about global warming, with Edward Maibach of George Mason U.   Alex Smith on global threats with John Betz, KOPN radio. New climate song from 70's hit-maker Bunny Sigler. Radio Ecoshock 140702
Keywords: environment; science; ecology; climate; climate change; global warming; radio
Downloads: 6
[audio]Climate Change - We Don't Want It - Alex Smith
Dr. Bill Miller, author of "The Microcosm Within" on climate & new diseases. From Wales, Lloyd Jones' new "cli-fi" work, and "Victory Gardens" Vancouver co-founder Lisa Giroday on urban farming. Radio Ecoshock 140625 1 hour
Keywords: environment; ecology; climate; climate change; global warming; health; diseases; science; fiction; cli-fi; gardening; urban; farming
Downloads: 13
[audio]96 F/36C In the Shade! - Alex Smith
Coping with extreme climate heat. Carbon farming with Courtney White, socially responsible investing with NYC advisor Louis Berger, plus tips for staying alive, and keeping the garden alive, during extended heat.  Radio Ecoshock 140618 1 hour.
Keywords: environment; ecology; climate; climate change; global warming; investment; soil; carbon; solutions; agriculture; banks; fossil fuels; gardening; food; heat; radio; Radio Ecoshock
Downloads: 9
[audio]Planet Code Red on Climate - Alex Smith
The amount of carbon we can burn and still have a safe climate is zero. One Australian calls it Code Red, time for emergency action. Plus new science on why New York City will flood again and again. Guests David Spratt and Dr. Stefan Talke, plus special on gardening in extreme heat with Marjory Wildcraft. Radio Ecoshock 140611 1 hour
Keywords: environment; ecology; science; climate; climate change; global warming; emissions; carbon; radio; Ecoshock
Downloads: 12
[audio]Hope on Earth? - Alex Smith
"Population Bomb" author and Stanford Prof. Paul R. Ehrlich and film-maker, activist Michael Charles Tobias on hope in the midst of danger.  Stand-up comedian & economist Yoram Bauman on climate humor.  Radio Ecoshock 140604 1 hour.
Keywords: environment; economy; ecology; radio; population; hope; media; book; film; comedy; climate; climate change; global warming; pollution; endangered; species; animals; animal rights
Downloads: 16
[audio]Micro-Secrets & Macro-Secrets - Alex Smith
Microbiologist Dr. Yuri Gorbi warns fracking brings up buried life forms. Film-maker Kip Anderson's "Cowspiracy" asks why big green groups are afraid to tackle the biggest single cause of global warming: the meat industry.  Radio Ecoshock 150528
Keywords: environment; ecology; energy; fracking; hydraulic; fracturing; risks; health; microbiology; science; pollution; water; air; climate; climate change; global warming; agriculture; cows; meat; emissions
Downloads: 11
[audio]Gasp! Antarctica Is Melting - Alex Smith
Coastal cities at risk. New science direct from NASA. Plus eminent climate scientist Kevin Trenberth predicts strong El Nino impacts on world weather.  Radio Ecoshock 140521
Keywords: environment; ecology; climate; climate change; global warming; science; NASA; Antarctica; El Nino; weather; rising seas; ocean; radio; Radio Ecoshock
Downloads: 11
[audio]El Nino Storms the World? - Alex Smith
Will the Pacific ocean change-up called El Nino startle the world? The latest update from NOAA, plus two scientific experts. It's not what you think. Ends with backyard farmer Luke Kimmel and his green bag of tips. Mike Halpert, Dr. Shayne McGregor, Luke Kimmel.  Radio Ecoshock 140514 
Keywords: environment; weather; climate; climate change; global warming; El Nino; ocean; heating; storms; extreme
Downloads: 12
[audio]What to Do While Waiting (For the Crash) - Alex Smith
Author Richard Heinberg on geopolitics, finance and environment of the slow crash. Global Crossing co-founder and Green Festivals President Kevin Danaher on transition to green economy. Unicyclist for climate awareness Joseph Boutelier.  Radio Ecoshock 140507 1 hour.
Keywords: environment; energy; ecology; oil; gas; transition; climate; climate change; global warming; solutions; green; economy; business
Downloads: 15
[audio]Toward a Future: Permaculture - Alex Smith
We use the magic of radio to fly around to garden roof tops in Brooklyn USA, a permaculture fruit farm in Quebec, and small acres restored in Nottingham UK.  Guests Anastasia Cole Plakias, Olivier Asselin, Rob Carlyle. Radio Ecoshock 140530 1 hour.
Keywords: environment; food; production; permaculture; gardening; organic; radio; Ecoshock
Downloads: 11
[audio]A Climate Beyond Imagination - Alex Smith
Witnessing plot of climate denial in Bush Whitehouse; how the 1% control us; climate fiction "cli fi" new and old; why predictions of the cost of stopping climate change are ridiculous. Radio Ecoshock 140423 1 hour.
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; global warming; ecology; literature; fiction; science; radio; ecoshock
Downloads: 21
[audio]Religion Versus Climate Science - Alex Smith
Are Christian fundamentalists derailing climate action? Rev Michael Dowd. Then new report from UNEP shows alternative energy strong but slightly down in 2013. Radio Ecoshock 140416
Keywords: environment; ecology; religion; Christian; climate; climate change; global warming; denial; energy; alternative energy; solar; investments
Downloads: 7
[audio]Climate Change Has Arrived - Alex Smith
A report from the World Meteorological Organization tallies the big weather hits in 2013.  Is it rampant climate change? Norway decides how to spend almost a trillion petrodollars, and Indian solar loses out. Plus direct from Yokohama Japan, the IPCC press conference promising we can somehow "manage" climate change, a food crisis, and maybe the sixth great mass extinction.  Science and hopium on Radio Ecoshock 140409 1 hour
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; global warming; alternative energy; energy; solar; weather; storms; extreme; India; Norway; U.S; IPCC; reports
Downloads: 16
[audio]Rapid Collapse - Alex Smith
Would you believe everything from food to power to gasoline could disappear in just a matter of weeks? From Ireland, David Korowicz explains how.  Radio Ecoshock 140402 1 hour
Keywords: environment; ecology; economy; energy; peak oil; food; population; crisis; collapse; disease; risk
Downloads: 14
[audio]The Center Sees the Edge: Methane, Science and Future Food - Alex Smith
A study funded by a founder of fracking finds the natural gas industry is still bleeding tons of methane into our atmosphere.  The top body for American Scientists warns we must act now to prevent climate catastrophe.  And an international team confirms the world food supply will be hit hard in a changing climate. Radio Ecoshock 140326 1 hour.
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; global warming; food; agriculture; methane; gas; energy; science
Downloads: 7
[audio]Climate Dark Age - Alex Smith
Dr. Michael Jennings says Earth's climate is already beyond the worst scenarios. Could a new Dark Age save us? Dr. Sing C. Chew says we are due. Edutainment for troubled times.  Radio Ecoshock 140319 1 hour
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; global warming; ecology; economy; collapse
Downloads: 29
[audio]American Fukushima - Alex Smith
On 3rd anniversary of Fukushima, two authors report American reactors are unsafe at any speed.  Shocking risk. Plus audio from March 2 XL Pipeline dissent protest in D.C. & letter from youth, via Bobby Wengronowitz.  Radio Ecoshock 140312 1 hour.
Keywords: environment; nuclear; nuclear power; reactors; safety; accidents; Fukushima; U.S; risk; climate; climate change; global warming; protests; arrests; activism
Downloads: 15
[audio]The California Drought: Radio Ecoshock Special - Alex Smith
Despite recent rains, California's reservoirs are near empty, snow-pack light, and groundwater depleted. Four experts on a drought that really started in 2006, impacts on economy, food, farming, and nature. Guests Dr. Peter Gleick, Dr. Jay Famiglietti, David Schroeder, Dr. Reagan Waskom.  Radio Ecoshock 140305 1 hour.
Keywords: environment; ecology; drought; California; weather; climate; climate change; global warming; agriculture; farming; food; water; economy; adaptation; conservation
Downloads: 35
[audio]Climate: Ready to Scramble Toward the Poles? - Alex Smith
Author of "American Exodus" Giles Slade sees humans joining plants & animals in migration toward Poles. Paul Beckwith on alarming new Arctic melt science from NASA. Dr. Nathan Beckwith on gas leaks in Boston and Washington D.C. Radio Ecoshock 140226 1 hour
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; global warming; Arctic; sea; ice; migration; refugees; science; energy; gas; leaks; methane
Downloads: 12
[audio]Extreme Weather & Great Climate Disruption - Alex Smith
Alex covers extreme weather of the great climate disruption that will rule our lives.  Then author/activist Deborah Frieze on book & movement to "Walk Out, Walk On", and Dr. Jochen Hinkel on huge cost of rising seas. Radio Ecoshock 140219 1 hour
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; global warming; extreme; weather; heat; rain; science; solutions; alternative
Downloads: 14
[audio]Voices in the Fog: Climate & Extreme Weather - Alex Smith
Thomas Peterson from World Meteorological Assoc. and NOAA on science of extreme weather events hitting us. Jonathan Bates, co-author of "Paradise Lot" on permaculture on a small lot in New England.  Radio Ecoshock 140212 1 hour.
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; global warming; science; extreme; weather; rainfall; permaculture; food; agriculture; alternatives
Downloads: 2
[audio]Crash on Demand - David Holmgren - Alex Smith
Do we need to break the system to save the climate? Permaculture co-founder David Holmgren says "yes", in rare radio interview. Then Nicole Foss replies. Plus Alex's climate music.  Radio Ecoshock 140205
Keywords: environment; economy; climate; climate change; global warming; emissions; permaculture; energy; descent
Downloads: 50
[audio]What Kind of Doomer Are You - Alex Smith
From The Farm in Tennessee, alternative guru Albert Bates rates responses to predictions of doom. Film-maker Anne Macksoud on new movie "The Wisdom to Survive" Plus musical activist Rachelle Van Zanten Radio Ecoshock 140129 1 hour.
Keywords: environment; economy; crash; depression; climate; climate change; global warming; emissions; finance; radio; Radio Ecoshock
Downloads: 11
[audio]Off the Cliff - Alex Smith
Extreme heat in Australia: vision of coming world, Cam Walker FOE. Extreme rains from atmospheric rivers, scientist David Lavers. Population bomb ticking with Alan Weisman, author of "Countdown, Our Last Best Hope for a Future". Radio Ecoshock 140122 1 hour.
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; global warming; science; extreme; rainfall; heat; Australia; UK; U.S; radio; population
Downloads: 25
[audio]Home Planet Blues - Alex Smith
Four voices: Steve Sherwood's breakthrough science shows world heading over climate cliff; Arnie Gundersen on fake alarm over California beaches; Bruce Laurie on toxic chemicals and detox; energy expert Daniel Kammen says suburbs killing climate. Radio Ecoshock 140115 1 hour
Keywords: environment; climate; climate change; global warming; science; nuclear; accidents; Fukushima; California; toxics; toxic; chemicals; health; risk; energy; cities; urban; design
Downloads: 41
[audio]The Awful Truth About Fracking - Alex Smith
True stories from Walter Brasch, author of"Fracking Pennsylvania". An update from Friends of Earth UK campaigner Helen Rimmer as government makes new "dash for (fracked) gas". With clips from American biologist/activist Sandra Steingraber. Radio Ecoshock 140108 1 hour.
Keywords: environment; energy; oil; gas; fracking; hydraulic fracturing; risks; health; impacts
Downloads: 1,011
[audio]The Awful Truth About Fracking - Alex Smith
Author, professor, and journalist Walter Brasch reports from Pennsylvania. UK energy activist Helen Rimmer explains the rabid government push for fracking, and the coming wave of misery for Great Britain.  We open and close with fracking wisdom from American biologist and activist Sandra Steingraber.
Keywords: environment; energy; gas; fracking; hydraulic fracturing; U.S; UK; Europe; protests; activism; safety; risks; pollution; health
Downloads: 19
[audio]More Nuclear Scandals - Alex Smith
American NRC rushing through scheme for radioactive waste against public protest. Kevin Kamps of Beyond Nuclear is there. Britain builds huge stockpile of plutonium with no plan - plus terrorist risks.
Keywords: environment; ecology; nuclear; power; waste; plutonium; uranium; risk; plans; U.S; UK; NRC; storage
Downloads: 12
[audio]Radio Ecoshock Green Music Festival 2013 - Alex Smith
The best green music for 2013.  Songs about climate change, pollution, radiation, and better alternatives.  By alternative artists, not the big production companies. Playlist in show blog at
Keywords: environment; music; songs; global warming; climate; climate change; pollution; nuclear; radiation; green; songs
Downloads: 6
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